Le Paradis is a milonga that has been appearing for 7 years on Planet Earth. Its playlist offers you all the beauty of Classical Tango (two thirds) and a soft, crazy touch of Nuevo & Alternative Tango (one third), all of it played for you with rythmic and structural accuracy by DJ Pedro.

DJ Pedro has been organizing and DJing milongas since 2012, outdoors in front of the Eiffel Tower, and indoors in Paris, with two milongas : Le Paradis, playlist of Classical, Nuevo & Alternative Tango, and La Boca!, playlist of Classical Tango. Le Paradis is one of the biggest milongas in France, with more than 150 dancers on certain nights. He has organized a great number of live concerts, has been DJ for other milongas in Paris and in Shanghai, Taipei, Saigon and Tokyo among other cities in Asia – his name is DJ ペドロ in Japan.

Among his favorite songs:

– Tango (Classical) : Milonga triste, sung by Mercedes Simone

– Waltz (Alternative) : Waltz, by Evgeny Grinko

– Milonga (Nuevo) : Milonga sentimental, by Otros Aires

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Le Paradis est une milonga qui apparaît depuis 7 ans sur la planète Terre. Sa programmation vous offre toute la beauté du Tango Classique (2/3 de la playlist) ainsi que la folie douce du Nuevo & Alternatif (1/3), le tout servi avec la rigueur rythmique et structurelle de DJ Pedro.

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